Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Importance of Facebook to Businesses

The world revolves around Facebook these days. It's everywhere, from households to businesses. Launched back in 2004, it has amassed a staggering one billion users. It has affected the social life and activity of people in various ways; it allows users to constantly stay in touch with its availability on many mobile devices.

However it should also be noted that Facebook has become an important medium for businesses to showcase their products. Firms do not know where their prospective clients and customers are. Most of them are active on Facebook, and if your business doesn't have a Facebook page you are missing out on a lot of customers. You can't get a prospective audience of 3 to 4 million or maybe more easily and most importantly for free elsewhere. This is a reason why you can find almost every big business owning a Facebook group or page. From Pepsi to Levi's, everyone is there. You need to be on this social media giant to gain such a market. Marketing on Facebook has a great effect, information spreads through networks virally.

Facebook provides a medium for constant customer interaction between the customer and the business, giving the company a better opportunity to understand, comprehend and discover what their consumers want. Moreover it provides a platform for firms to develop a better relationship with prospective and current audiences. Furthermore Facebook gives a clear idea as to how the business is perceived online. This can be done by obtaining direct feedback and looking at what the people have to say about the product. Businesses can acquire both negative and positive comments and can work accordingly to solve the issues that are arising. This is a great platform to grab new customers as anything you publicly post on Facebook goes viral in no time. This social media is also used as a tool by businesses for creating brand awareness amongst their customers apart from their corporate websites. Gradually as the page or group grows worldwide and increases its fan base the traffic to the company's website will increase. Creating a Facebook page allows businesses to get better search engine rankings.

Facebook is a world in itself; it's a growing universe which is endless. If it is properly used it can create a whole lot of difference to your business operations. A firm can achieve tremendous amount of growth within a very short period of time and it is cost effective.

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